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Other Event and Meeting Spaces

Chesapeake Center Dining Rooms

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Special Features:
  • Flexible seating arrangements, including banquet style, theater style, exhibits
  • Three (3) ceiling mounted projectors and projection screens, strategically located around the room
  • Air sealed adjustable wall divides the room in two for flexible space/multiple usage

The Chesapeake Center Dining Rooms is a multipurpose facility that can be set however you need. At approximately 3300 square feet, we can comfortably fit roughly 175 people at our 60" rounds, or up to 220 people in theater style seating. Perfect for your company breakfasts, professional development, or end of year banquets.

LaCalle Conference Room

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Special Features:
  • Built in 18" stage, with ramp, perfect for presentations or small ceremonies
  • Track lighting aimed toward stage
  • Flexible seating including theater, classroom, and clusters
  • Ceiling mounted projector along with in-room desktop workstation

The LaCalle Conference Room in Edgewood Hall is another nice large meeting space. Because of the combination of quality and size, the LaCalle Conference Room hosts some of the more important campus functions, including the monthly Board of Trustees meetings.

Darlington Hall Room 202

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Special Features:
  • Flexible set-up options
  • Air sealed adjustable walls divide the room into thirds for flexible space/multiple usage
  • 25' high ceilings provide unique feel and coveted privacy
  • Three (3) wall mounted projectors along with in-room desktop workstations

Darlington Hall Room 202 provides the campus with another distinctive space for special events and gatherings. Located on the 2nd floor of Darlington Hall, the lobby heading into the room allows for informal gathering and pre-event mingling. Whether being used a one large space, or three individual spaces, Darlington 202 can meet your event and meeting needs.

Student Center

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Special Features:
  • Located in the heart of the campus
  • Room 243
  • The Globe Cafe

Located in the Academic Quad, the Student Center has an exposure to campus not seen in some of our other meeting areas. Room 243 serves many functions. It hosts weekly student meetings, department retreats, and special events. The Globe Cafe is a functioning a la carte dining facility during the week. Often serving as an impromptu and informal meet up for groups, it's size also allows it to be reserved for large scale campus events.

Classroom Spaces and Computer Labs

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Special Features:
  • All classrooms include desktop computers and projectors for presentation
  • Sizes ranging from 15-60 seats
  • Often many together in areas of buildings, good for breakout sessions

As a College campus first and foremost, our most prolific type of space is certainly the classrooms. Through various building upgrades, our equipment and furniture remain modern and comfortable.

Additional Unique Spaces

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Additional Unique Spaces on Campus Include:
  • Chesapeake Garden Room
  • Susquehanna Center Gymnasium,
  • Susquehanna Center Group Exercise Rooms, and Dance Studio

The Garden Room in the Chesapeake Center provides a unique and fun setting for your smaller meetings. This space hosts luncheons, office retreats, and other meetings looking for a break from the typical conference room setting.
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