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Rental Rates

Facility Rental Rates


Up to 8 hours/day:
  • Game Ready, $3000
    • Basketball or Volleyball
    • Additional Hours after 8, $150 per hour
    • Non-Event Day Load In/Out*, $1000 per day
  • Open Floor, $4000
    • Perfect for Galas, Fundraisers, Tournaments/Competitions, Expos, etc.
    • Additional Hours after 8, $200 per hour
    • Non-Event Day Load In/Out*, $1500 per day
  • Stage Event, $5000
    • Perfect for Concerts, Speakers, Annual Meetings, etc.
    • Includes large/full stage (if small/half stage, $4500)
    • Additional Hours after 8, $250 per hour
    • Non-Event Day Load In/Out*, $2000 per day
*Non-Event Day Load In/Out is not guaranteed and often not possible due to our robust schedule.

Arena Discounts

  • Consecutive, Multi-Event Day Discount, $500 off first day rates above
  • Nonprofit Discount, 30% off rental rates

Supporting Spaces

  • Auxiliary Gym, $100 per hour
  • Classrooms/Studios, $60-$100 per hour

Equipment & Supplies*

*Pricing for In-House Inventory Only*
Tables, 6 feet banquet, $5 each
Chairs, black folding, $1 each
Bike Racks, $20 each
Podium, $50 each
Microphone Package, $100 each
Audio Desk, $350 each
Lighting Desk, $200 each
Moving Lights, Martin Mac 700 Wash, $130 each (up to 8)
Moving Lights, Martin Mac III Profiles, $150 each (up to 4)
Spot Lights, $175 each (up to 2)

Equipment Packages - Includes labor

Basic Audio Package, $1500, includes console, line array speakers, microphone
Full House Audio Package, $3000, includes basic package, plus monitors, out and front fills
Monitors Package, $850, includes wedges, 6 mixes, and consoles

Half House Lighting Package, $800, includes 1 truss
Full House Lighting Package, $1350, includes 2 trusses
Rigging, $75 per point, up to 18 rigging points

Chauvet Video Wall, includes set up labor, but operator additional/required
Ground Support, $750
Full Hung Wall, $2000, same price for 2 smaller walls
Artistic Set Up, $3000, design of panels
Live Feed PTZ Camera Package, $1500 per event

Additional Supplies

Table Numbers, $1 each, up to 65
Mirror Centerpieces, $1 each, up to 60
Votive Candles (battery-operated), $0.50 each, up to 150

Labor Fees

Security (required for public events and private events serving alcohol); Quantity determined by HCC
  • Public Safety, $35/hr/officer
  • Bag Check & Wanders, $25/hr/officer
Technical Support, $35/hr/person
Ushers, $20/hr/person

Pricing subject to change

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