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TWIRLTASTIX Spring Classic 2021

Date: Apr 18, 2021
Time: 8:00 AM

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Please join us for the TwirlTasTix Spring Classic & ALL EAST OPEN Championships

featuring the Andrea Birdcreek Memorial College Invitational!

The contest will be help on Sunday, April 18, 2021 at Harford Community College in Bel Air, Maryland.

The traditional. ALL EAST OPEN Championship events will all be offered except for the 3 part pageant, and are open to all twirlers living east of the Mississippi. This is not a qualifier for nationals. The Andrea Birdcreek College Invitational is open to all twirlers attending college either part time or full time, and a college solo according to NBTA rules must be performed. Any music is allowed. The High School Solo Championship will follow the same format.
USTA events will be offered too.

A virtual contest will be offered in conjunction with event but it will not be a live virtual event.

PLEASE BE SURE TO INDICATE: Twirler's full name, address, DOB, twirling, Parent's name, email and cell phone number, Coach's name(s) and email, Duet partner if applicable.


Scoresheets will be all pdfs which will be emailed to you as soon as we get them from the judge.
There will be no 3 part events, but we will offer our Birdcreek College and High School Championship event. Both events will follow the format of the NBTA Collegiate Solo (not the College Miss Majorette Solo), where you pick your own music and can use multiple batons.
All awards will be mailed.
Results will be posted online.
Live streaming will be available if possible.
The entire contest will be on the set system.
One costume encouraged, but not required but we will not be holding lanes for costume changes.
No dresses or interview for modeling events.
NBTA & USTA events will be offered, including rhythmics and freestyles (end of morning for ages 0-12 and 13+ right the teams perform in the afternoon.

A printable brochure will be posted when it is available. Covid guidelines posted below
All entries will be online.
Please direct all questions to your coach or email
There is one additional requirement at this point - the twirlers have to wear masks while they compete too. There are other Covid guidelines we will be following which are listed at the bottom of this email.


- Everyone in masks at all times, including while a twirler is warming up and competing, violators will be disqualified and asked to leave immediately
- Temperature screening at the door- You will not be allowed in to the arena until 30 minutes before your event, as long as capacity limits are met, this may change as needed - Everyone will be asked to complete and turn in a questionnaire in advance:
- Coaches will be limited based on facility capacity. Coaches must fill out an attendance request form. We will do our best to get coaches in but I cannot make any guarantees at this time.
- No re-entry if you leave
- Exit only at a designated side door
- Limited warm up time
- Twirler may video their performance with their own phone placed at the back of the lane
- Disinfecting between sets by the twirler, supplies will be at the back of each lane (there will be a chair with a bottle of disinfectant, paper towels and a waste basket so each contestant can disinfect the lane after they compete in the spot they were standing to leave the lane clean for the next person (the mom can do it for the little ones)
- Twirler can only bring in batons needed and one small bag
- Only a bottle(s) of water permitted
- No food allowed
- No blankets on the floor or seats to save seats, and no chairs or tents
- The arena will be disinfected between morning and afternoon
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Health Screening Questionnaire


All students, employees, vendors, and visitors must fill out a Health Screening Questionnaire* prior to coming to campus. Once the questionnaire is completed and you are cleared to come to campus, you will receive a confirmation number. This must be presented when you arrive at your screening site inside the main doors at the APGFCU Arena. Should there be an issue with your Health Screening Questionnaire, you will not be allowed on campus and will be instructed what further steps should be taken.
*Please note that a new Health Screening Questionnaire must be submitted each time you plan to come to campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am required to be on campus but cannot wear a mask for medical reasons. What should I do?

All individuals on campus are required to wear an approved face covering at all times. If a medical issue prevents this you must request an accommodation for access.

What safety controls have been put in place to protect people in the venue?

The College has installed administrative and engineering controls to enforce social distancing (i.e., Plexiglas barriers, furniture reconfiguration) as well as floor and wall signage to enforce social distancing, mask-wearing, and handwashing. Measures have been taken to increase the level of fresh air that is circulated in campus buildings. Access to buildings is restricted; all individuals must first successfully undergo the screening process before being admitted to any building. Public Safety will maintain a record of any individual who enters a campus building to assist in contact tracing efforts in the event that someone who has been on campus later tests positive for COVID-19.

How frequently will campus buildings be cleaned?

Buildings that are in use will be deep cleaned nightly. Throughout the day, common-use areas will be wiped down by the College's housekeeping staff. In high-traffic areas (e.g., classrooms, student services offices), cleaning will occur between each use.

How will the College enforce safety guidelines (i.e., social distancing, mask-wearing, etc.)? Will there be repercussions for people who don't follow guidelines?

The College reserves the right to deny any person entrance to the College or to remove any person from the buildings or grounds of the College who poses a risk of harm to our students, employees, other visitors, or property. Individuals failing to comply with the screening measures and/or wear a face mask, as directed, will be escorted off campus by the Department of Public Safety. Any person who fails or refuses to leave property owned or controlled by the College after being asked to do so by Public Safety shall be in violation of Section 26-102 of the Education Article, Maryland Annotated Code, and will be subject to arrest and criminal penalties upon conviction.

Know Before You Go


  • Parking: Parking is free! Simply park in a lined, non-permitted space, and if you park in a handicap space, you must have the appropriate hangtag displayed. Click here for a campus parking map.
  • Patron /Competitor Entrance: Signage will be posted at the front entrance of the venue noting where competitors should enter. All other patrons should use the main entrance. Please see event schedule distributed by your event contact for specific schedule information.
  • Prohibited Items: Please take note of the following items which are NOT permitted in the Arena. A full list of prohibited items can be found here.
    • Outside food and beverage is not permitted in our building. This will be strictly enforced. We encourage you to visit our concession stand for meal, snack, and drink opportunities. Everyone entering the front doors of the Arena will be required to discard their outside foods or beverages before entering the Arena.
    • Signage, upon approval, can be hung only to bleacher rails, concrete columns, glass, or block painted walls. Masking or painters’ tapes are permitted on our concrete walls only, while duct, packing, or other tapes are prohibited.
    • Strollers are also not permitted in the venue. Please plan accordingly.
  • Tobacco & Smoke Free Campus: Please remember that Harford Community College is a SMOKE-FREE/ TOBACCO-FREE campus. This includes the arena, around the arena, and our parking lots.
  • Accessibility: The Arena provides a convenient drop off and pick up area at the main entrance of the Arena for guests. There is an elevator in the Arena if you wish to use it. Please contact the Arena ahead of time (443-412-2189) with any accessibility requests, concerns, or questions.
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